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2024 Northrop Grumman Corporation: "Supplier Excellence Award"

2023 Northrop Grumman Corporation: "Supplier Excellence Award"

2022 The Boeing Company: "Supply Chain Performance Achievement" (Green)

2021 The Boeing Company: "Performance Excellence Award" (Silver)

2020 The Boeing Company: "Performance Excellence Award" (Silver)

2019 The Boeing Company: Performance Excellence Award (Silver)

2018 The Boeing Company: Performance Excellence Award (Silver)

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Jackson Aerospace, Inc., a factory authorized distributor for some of the largest hardware and electronic manufacturers in the industry, actively manages over 1,000 suppliers. With quality at the center of our business, we utilize only OEM’s and Approved Distributors in our procurement process to ensure full traceability from cradle to grave. Our reach is global and our principal customers are the United States Government, Prime Government Contractors, sub-tier manufacturers and distributors. In addition to stocking an extensive list of fully traceable certified inventory, we excel at procuring hard-to-find items and have proven our ability to supply our customers’ programs with complete hardware support. We are committed to providing our customers with experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel capable of addressing the most complex requirements. We stock a broad range of Army-Navy (AN), Military Standards (MS), National Aerospace Standard (NAS), Boeing Airplane Company (BAC) and special “make to print” items.



AN115401 thru AN117080
AN254 thru AN565
MS14065 thru MS18212
MS21089 thru MS25332
MS27039 thru MS28776
MS35188 thru MS35795
MS51000 thru MS51982
MS75043 thru MS90728
MS9122 thru MS9940
NAS1081 thru NAS1406
NAS1620 thru NAS1802
NAS200 thru NAS724
NAS5300 thru NAS9206
NAS9921 thru NAS9922
BACS12 Series